Flags of the Confederacy (1511F) [33-8]


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The 5 flags of the Confederacy are depicted by Jeanie Attenhofer.  Their are The Stars and Bars; The Battle Flag; The Second National Flag; The Third National Flag; the Bonnie Blue Flag.

Throughout history flags are symbolic representations of pride, honor, valor and bravery.  The Civil War in the U.S. was a time when men defended their beliefs even at the cost of separating families.  The hope then, as now, is that a war would end all that is wrong in the world.  Hopefully, we as people of the 21st century have learned that the only thing that will make the world peaceful is when each person holds peace toward other people in his heart and extends it at every opportunity.

This design was charted by Jeanie Attenhofer to honor her great-great grandfather, John T. Monroe, Mayor of New Orleans during the Civil War, who was imprisoned for his beliefs but kept his honor.

Chart & pebble beads included.